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Upgrade Your Money Mindset

I’ve always felt a certain draw to the mystical world of manifestation, and have been incorporating manifestation techniques in my life and business for years. There is so much talk about attracting and manifesting abundance, but what is abundance, really?

By definition, abundance means “a large quantity of something,” but you may have also heard “abundance” being used to generally describe all the good things we desire for ourselves. It can be a very subjective term representing whatever you're working so hard to achieve within your life, career, and/or business.

Lets not pusseyfoot around it though, abundance also refers to money. It’s like we don’t want to use the word money, so instead we use the word “abundance” to refer to it on the DL. But why? What’s so wrong with the word money, talking about it, or wanting more of it?

Fact: we all desire abundant amounts of money. Yet, society has brainwashed us into believing “money isn’t everything”, “more money, more problems”, or worse - “money is the root of all evil”. Money may not necessarily guarantee happiness, and yet it’s still super important.

Money does some pretty amazing things. It pays for our living expenses, supports our families and communities, allows us to support our health, pursue higher education, and have incredible experiences. The more money we make and have to spend, the more money flows into our economy to support local businesses, important organizations and meaningful causes.

None of that sounds bad to me.

We all want more money but it’s clear that most of us feel guilty about it.

Talk about a major roadblock!

So, how can you make sense of the duality of money, start shifting your perspective, and upgrade your money mindset so you can become a magnet for financial abundance?

Clean Up Your Beliefs

The way we think about money and the feelings we have towards money determine how we interact with it {our behavior} and ultimately how it interacts with us. Spend some time outlining your beliefs about money. What were you told about money growing up? What money behaviors were modeled for you? What do you believe about money now? What are your money habits? How does having, spending, saving, or investing money make you feel?

Taking a good look at your money beliefs is key to choosing a new perspective and ultimately a new way of interacting with money. Forgiving people and situations that left a negative impression on your money mindset is also an important step. If you want to attract more money you have to clean up your beliefs and have a clean slate to build upon.

Get Intimate with Your Money

Our relationship with money is determined by how much quality time we spend with it. Just like friendships and partnerships, we need to be intentional about how we cultivate and strengthen our bond with money. If you hate looking at your bank account because you don’t want to see how much money you spent last weekend, it depresses you to see how much goes to bills, or in general it just gives you an “ick” feeling - you probably need to spend more time with your money.

Investigate what beliefs may be operating underneath those feelings and as stated above, clean them up! Choose a more supportive perspective.

Start spending intentional time with your money. This means make a damn budget {if you don’t already have one} and check in with it on a regular basis. Look at your spending habits and know where your money is going. Is more money going out, than what’s coming in?

Where are your spending habits aligned or misaligned with your values and what you desire for yourself? Clean up any areas where you feel like money is being wasted. Been meaning to get a new quote for car insurance because you think you're overpaying? Do it. Need to cancel any subscriptions or memberships that you aren’t using, but you’re still paying for? Make it happen.

Embrace the Flow of Money

People love the feeling of having money, but hate the feeling of spending or losing it. Maybe you love spending it, but then are hit with a wave of guilt {buyers remorse} even if you spent it on something important or worthwhile that makes you happy? The energy and attitude we bring to {and through} our actions with money can either increase the flow of money into our lives, or create resistance - ultimately slowing down the flow.

Practice embracing the flow of money coming in and out of your life and bank account. Spend, save, and invest money with gratitude and intention. Know that by utilizing and respecting your money, budget, and honoring your financial goals you are welcoming more money into your life.

Take Inspired Action

Tapping into your financial desires and setting some goals around what you want to achieve is a wonderful way to ignite motivation and self-discipline for yourself. Think about how much money you truly want to make and how you would use it. Perhaps make an ideal budget outlining how much money you would spend on certain things when you reach a certain income goal.

Now that you know what you want and why you want it, what actions can you take to make it happen? What ideas come to mind? Are you finally ready to go for that promotion, or pivot your career to increase your salary? Perhaps you have a unique talent you can begin monetizing? Have you always had a curiosity for the stock market or real estate investing? Begin taking steps towards the things that interest you and can also generate additional cash flow.

Surrender to Divine Timing

Regardless of what you’re trying to manifest, you have to let go of how it’s going to happen. Yes, putting together a plan and taking inspired action is important, and things don’t always come to us in the way we expect. We can only control the things we can control. Commit to yourself, the process and doing your part. Beyond that, be patient and surrender to divine timing.


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