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One-on-One Coaching

An easier path is waiting for you personally and professionally with
life, career, and business coaching.

Make your life easier!

Everyday doesn't have to be a



You want nothing more than to make others happy…

But right now, you're not happy.

Maybe you haven't been happy for a while?


You're stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted AF, and

no matter what you do, you can't seem to get ahead.

You take on more than you should {others won’t do it "right"} 

You give 1000%, but feel unappreciated and never seem to get what you desire in return.  


You feel disconnected from yourself and others, misaligned, and off balance. Nothing seems to give you true satisfaction.


You're constantly battling your nasty inner critic;

 imagining the worst outcome, and comparing your life

to those around you.


You lack interest in doing things you once loved {within your life, career, and/or business} and

feel complacent, unmotivated, and/or stuck. 


You often feel angry and frustrated by the demands and monotony of daily life and wish you had more time for yourself. 


You're here because deep down you know

there has to be an easier way...

There is, and you deserve more

Straight up - we've been sold the struggle.

We've been taught to believe that life is supposed to be hard, an "uphill battle"

and full of sacrifice, but that isn't true my friend. 


There is an easier path, and I'm here to show you the way. 

If you want more, it's time for more.

You get to have it all.  There are no rules {except your own}.

One-on-One Coaching is all about EASEFUL EXPANSION.

Expanding your capacity for more joy & fulfillment, while making life, your career, and or your business feel easy, exciting, and FUN!

1:1 Coaching is right for          if you're           to...



  • Stop worrying, master your mindset, regain positivity and feel happier everyday

  • Nurture your body, mind, and spirit by prioritizing your health and wellbeing first

  • Learn new methods to dissolve stress, befriend anxiety and move through fear

  • Build, feel, and live with resounding confidence!

  •  Enjoy a soul aligned life, career, and/or business full of purpose and passion 

  •  Have more physical, mental and emotional energy!

  •  Live life by your own terms!

  • Crush your goals and experience the joy of kicking ass at life!

YES! I'm ready!

I was getting ready for some big changes in my life.  I was preparing to move overseas and was establishing a new working structure.  I knew I wanted more out of life and was struggling with self confidence and fear of the future.  I felt like I needed a support system, someone that could be objective yet understanding, who could hold me accountable and guide me with my goals and actions.


My coaching experience with Kimberly was deeply eye-opening. Through the work we did together I was able to see where my anxiety was stemming from and how it created self-doubt and fear.  Since working with Kimberly I definitely have a kinder, more gentle inner dialogue, and more self-confidence.  I also have more clarity about who I am and what I really want from life.

- Ovgu D.

I was struggling with career goals and finding time for myself.  I felt anxious about getting back into a Nurse Practitioner role after taking an extended maternity leave and hiatus to care for other family members.  I didn’t know where to begin.


As soon as I started working with Kimberly I was more at ease.  She made me feel heard and I knew I wasn’t alone.  Kimberly helped me with time management and changing my perspective.  I became more relaxed, more focused on the process and transition, and less focused on the outcome.  I started to enjoy the process of self-discovery and became more open to other life directions and career options. I ended up finding a great job that meets my needs and allows me work life balance!

- America S.


You're ready to Stop Sacrificing and
Start Playing by your own rules.


One-on-One Coaching

Kick-Off Call
(1) 90-minute power session; video call via Zoom where we dive deep into what you most want to achieve and set inspiring soul aligned goals that will be the framework of our time working together.
Coaching Sessions
Biweekly, 60 minute coaching calls via Zoom, where we create a plan and develop solution based actions, that are designed to take you from where you are, to where you want to be.
Unlimited access to me via email, text, and voice messaging app Voxer. Reach out for support between sessions; anytime, anywhere, anything you need. I've got your back and I help you stay on track.
Safe Space
A safe space to open up while you expand your sense of self and reconnect to your personal power. This is where you implement and integrate new learnings, experience limitless breakthroughs, and achieve exponential results.
Lifelong Tools & Resources
Exclusive access to my library of tools, trainings and resources to help you master your mindset and energy, while proactively managing stress. Feel clear, confident and focused while making progress with your goals, and navigating obstacles with ease.
Yes! I'm ready! 


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6 Biweekly Sessions + 
Unlimited support between sessions via text, email, & voice note.
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12 Biweekly Sessions + 
Unlimited support between sessions via text, email, & voice note.

Extended Payment Plans Available:

  • 3 month / 6 Session Package: (4) payments of $555.50/month

  • 6 Month / 12 Session Package: (8) payments of $555.50/month

Pay In Full Pricing:

3 Month / 6 Session: (1) payment of $2000 (Save $222)

6 Month / 12 Session: (1) payment of $4000 (Save $444)

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