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Kimberly Smith, Certified Life Coach, Houston, Texas
The word on the street

Results speak for themselves. 
Hear what past clients have to say about their coaching experience.

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When I first connected with Kimberly I was overwhelmed, had so much to do and felt like I had so little time. I was burned out from juggling motherhood, work, housework and family life. 

Kimberly's enthusiasm is contagious!  She is an incredible and supportive Coach, and helped me find creative solutions so I could achieve my goals. By working with Kimberly I have gained tools that will help me for life!

- Mariella D.

I was getting ready for some big changes in my life.  I was preparing to move overseas and was establishing a new working structure.  I knew I wanted more out of life and was struggling with self confidence and fear of the future.  I felt like I needed a support system, someone that could be objective yet understanding, who could hold me accountable and guide me with my goals and actions.


My coaching experience with Kimberly was deeply eye-opening. Through the work we did together I was able to see where my anxiety was stemming from and how it created self-doubt and fear.  Since working with Kimberly I definitely have a kinder, more gentle inner dialogue, and more self-confidence.  I also have more clarity about who I am and what I really want from life.

- Ovgu D.


Anxiety, self-doubt and insecurity were holding me back from being the person I wanted to be. Kimberly helped me take control of my mindset, manage my anxiety in a natural way, and overcome my perfectionism.


Realizing my own abilities and learning how to create an action plan and move past fear has changed everything for me. I loved working with someone who continued to push me even when I didn't want to push myself.

- Hanan A..

I was in a busy season of life & business; exhausted, overwhelmed, and I didn't know where to start with integrating new business systems.


Kimberly helped me focus on my goals, become consistent, implement new structure in my business, and get back on track. Through working with Kimberly, my anxiety has subsided, my confidence has grown, and I've felt more motivated and empowered.

- Summer L.

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Kimberly was an amazing partner in a time of transition. She formed a strategy to highlight my strengths and skill set for a specific position I was incredibly interested in. Kimberly pulled together all the documents I needed within a matter of hours to make the deadline. She coached me through an interesting time in my career, and interview process that led to me recently being hired for the position. I'm extremely thankful for her time, professionalism, and skills. Kimberly will be my go to if the need arises again.

- Jeremy B.


I had the extreme honor of working with Kimberly as my Life Coach over the course of 3 months. I was at an impasse in life with the craziness of parenting four teenage boys and the crushing heartbreak of being terminated after sixteen years with my employer. I felt like my life was spiraling out of control. Two things that I knew I needed to get back under control were the stress in my home life, and the extreme lack of self confidence.


The best part of working with Kimberly is her unwavering support. I would have a random thought between sessions and when I reached out to her by text or email and she was immediately responsive and uplifting. When I was stumped on how to move ahead, she gently prodded and got me to figure out my next steps.


Through working with Kimberly, I was able to get organization and structure established in my household, and let go of things that were no longer serving me, or getting in my way of progress. Simultaneously, I've been able to accept myself and my imperfections in a brand new way, love myself more, and feel more confident and empowered in my life.


- Kara J.

I was struggling with career goals and finding time for myself.  I felt anxious about getting back into a Nurse Practitioner role after taking an extended maternity leave and hiatus to care for other family members.  I didn’t know where to begin.


As soon as I started working with Kimberly I was more at ease.  She made me feel heard and I knew I wasn’t alone.  Kimberly helped me with time management and changing my perspective.  I became more relaxed, more focused on the process and transition, and less focused on the outcome.  I started to enjoy the process of self-discovery and became more open to other life directions and career options. I ended up finding a great job that meets my needs and allows me work life balance!

- America S.


Before I started meeting with Kimberly, I felt as if I was bit lost in my own life. This consistent feeling made me anxious and stressed on a daily basis. Kimberly quickly showed me she was genuinely there for me. Kimberly was always so unbelievably positive, respectful and patient. Kimberly, was really great at taking the correct strides as we moved through our sessions, sometimes I needed baby steps and other days larger strides. It was all a really positive learning experience. I walked away learning more about myself and what/who truly makes me happy in life.

The best part about my coaching series with Kimberly, was the lifelong toolkit I gained from it. I have gained skills that will always be there for when I need it the most. I have learned how to be more calm, positive and present in my daily life, and I can’t express how grateful I am for

Kimberly’s coaching and guidance!

- Mattie R.


I recently had the opportunity to work with Kimberly through her 90-day program.   As a lifelong achiever and serial perfectionist juggling multiple roles in my life - corporate leader overseeing an office of 25+ employees…wife…and mama of 2 littles to name a few - my stress/anxiety levels were high and personal self-care often nonexistent.  Kimberly's program reinforced the importance of personal mindset, boundaries, and how to live in alignment with my core values in order to experience more joy and happiness in my life.  She not only provided the tools for me to achieve more alignment and balance, but her positive energy and enthusiasm to support her community and everyone's individual goals was truly motivating.  The content we covered and the discussions we had through this program will be carried with me as I continue to navigate creating work-life harmony.

- Amber B.

When I first started working with Kimberly, I was feeling very uncertain about my professional life.  I had been working for the same company for 20 years and was feeling burnt out and I knew I needed a change – but I didn’t know where to start!  The idea of leaving a company after 20 years gave me severe anxiety.


Through working with Kimberly, I found a voice that I always knew was there and I was able to gain the confidence I needed to use it, and process the idea of starting a new chapter in my professional life.  Today, my husband and I are proud, successful business owners in an industry I never thought I would be in!


The best part of working with Kimberly is her never ending positive encouragement.  I trusted Kimberly throughout the process, put the work in and started seeing the results of the dedication I gave to myself.  For the first time in a long time, I feel confident in the decisions I am making, for myself and for my family.  Thank you, Kimberly!!

- Danielle B.

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