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Encompass Coaching Mission Statement

Encompass Coaching supports all who identify as women, mothers, and female entrepreneurs on their journey to becoming their best self.  We believe that with the right space and guiding support we can all thrive personally and professionally, while experiencing more love, joy, passion, purpose, freedom, and fulfillment. 


Encompass Coaching is dedicated to holistic coaching, which focuses on creating conditions to nourish all aspects of the human experience that positively impact physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  We strive to guide our clients to find sustainable solutions and practices, and build long-term resilience. 


It is important to Encompass Coaching that coaching services be accessible to those in need, not just those who can afford these services. In support of low income transgender and BIPOC women, Encompass Coaching offers (4) 3-month coaching scholarships per year, awarded once per quarter to women who desire to embrace the power of coaching. 


It is our belief that through initiating positive change in ourselves as individuals we contribute to positive change for the collective world. By learning more about who we are at our core, we become more generous with the tolerance, acceptance, compassion, support, and love we offer others.

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