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My New Energizing Summer Self-Care

I think many people think of self-care as something you only do when you're feeling especially wiped out, stressed, or overwhelmed. YES! Those are all amazing reasons to slow down and care for yourself, but they aren't the only reasons.

These days life is happening at lightning speed and we're all going at an incredibly fast pace. I am always an advocate for taking time off. Use that PTO, or hell - take the day unpaid if you're really in need of some time all to yourself. The problem is, that when we take time off and/or have rested what we consider to be a reasonable amount of time, most people return to the same habits and lifestyle that had them feeling worn out and on the brink of burnout.

POV: You return to work/regularly scheduled programming of life after taking some time off and you're feeling hella refreshed. You may have a few really great days or weeks, but before you know it you're feeling drained and agitated again, have nothing left to give, and are silently planning your escape from it all. It can be {and is} a vicious cycle that needs to be broken if you want to avoid burnout truly prioritize your wellbeing, and have sustainable success within all areas of your life.

Many of my clients have come to me feeling frustrated because they just can't seem to find the time to work self-care into their day. When you're already feeling stretched thin where the hell are you going to find "extra" time to work in some R&R? Have you ever tried to relax during the business only to be bombarded by inner guilt and your inner critic for "being lazy"? I've been there too.

It may feel like an impossible situation, but I've successfully helped many of my clients CREATE time for themselves so they can make self-care a lasting habit.

The strategy that has made the biggest impact has been scheduling the/their day around self-care instead of trying to schedule self-care around the day. Read that again :)

See, when self-care come last, it's so easy for it to get pushed off again and again, or completely wiped of the to-do list all together. When you've already had a hectic day, self-care can feel like additional work because you're already at the breaking point of pure exhaustion. Making it to the couch or even into your own bed can feel like a struggle.

So, can you start scheduling your day around self-care? Can you sprinkle in small acts of self-love for yourself every single day? Can you elevate self-care as a MAIN priority during the day/week so you know you are constantly filling your cup?

Of course you can! Give it a shot!

Daily self-care is a crucial strategy of mine to maintain my energy, keep my mindset in check, and stay motivated and in action while running my business and serving my clients, AND also caring for myself consistently.

Each season {or as often as I feel I want to} I revitalize my self-care routines. Recently I've implemented some new summer self-care and I am truly enjoying it. Here's an outline of some of the self-care I do throughout the day.

1) Morning gratitude and prayer. - Sometimes I journal it all out, and other times I sit quietly in stillness while thinking and visualizing what I am most grateful for and what I desire next. I slowly and consciously breathe while practicing presence.

2) Daily Mantra. - Recently I've been pulling a daily card from my Moon Deck. Reflecting on the meaning of the message helps me expand my mindset and focus on how that applies to my day.

3) Sunlight & Movement! - Now that it's hot AF here in Texas I HAVE to get out early in the morning to get some fresh air, sunlight and move my body. I alternate morning walks/runs along the White Oak Bayou, with the gym. Regardless of intensity, it helps me move any stagnant anxious energy out of my body and feel calm and centered to take on the day. Pro Tip: On low energy days even taking 10-15 minutes for some gentle stretching outside can help you loosen up while soaking in some vitamin D.

4) Cold Showers - I know this idea may seem insane to you. Trust me when I say I also love a scalding hot shower! Research shows so many benefits to cold showers or cold water plunges, ranging from increased endorphins, improved metabolism, better circulation, more focus, and relief from symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. Pro Tip: Start slow! Jump in the shower before the water heats up {when it's still cold}. Don't think about it, just do it! Breathe through it!

5) EFT Tapping - Emotional Freedom Technique {EFT} is a holistic modality used to relieve mental and emotional distress as well as physical pain. It's also referred to as psychological acupressure. The concept is that by tapping along acupuncture meridians you can restore balance to your body and mind. I've played with tapping for quite a while, but have set a goal to work it into my daily self-care. Sessions can range from 5-20 minutes - perfect for integrating with your daily breaks. You can find plenty of EFT guidance on YouTube or free through the Insight Timer App.

6) Savoring - This is a mindfulness strategy that includes focusing on the present, and - you guessed it; savoring every moment. By practicing savoring you are intentional about slowing down, breathing, and finding gratitude for even the smallest moments. Think bringing awareness to all your senses: really tasting that pistachio muffin, feeling the ice cold water you drink cool your entire throat down to your stomach, or simply expressing gratitude for another day while you watch the sunset in your backyard.

I hope this has given you some fresh perspective and ideas for revitalizing your own self-care and self-love routines!

Sending you love as always! If you're feeling called into action and would like to explore how coaching can really help you implement and integrate more positive mindset and energy practices into your day, CLICK here to book a free discovery call.


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