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Avoid the Annual Holiday Meltdown: 6 Affirmations for Less Stress & More Ease This Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us and let's just say stress starts to snowball.

We may not even realize it until we are about to (or do) blow up on our kids, partner, boss, mother in-law or whoever - no one is safe. There is a lot of pressure to live up to in life, but especially during the holiday season.

Pinterest worthy trees, decorations, cookies, wrapped presents, menus, and centerpieces; everywhere you look there is something that sparks comparison in our minds. Are we living up to our mothers expectations? Are we giving our kids the best holiday experience possible?

What will the neighbors think about our choice of outdoor lights?

And as if we didn't have enough to remember, our to-do and shopping lists get even longer. We're always adding something to the list, making last minute runs to Target, the grocery store, CVS or whatever. Our minds are on overdrive trying to organize all the loose ends.

Sometimes we just need to take a moment, pause and snap ourselves back to reality. It's easy to forget about what we really want and instead get carried away by all the things we think we have to do.

Personally, I love affirmations because they bring me back to myself in the moment. They ground me, help me manage my emotions, and gain clarity when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

Here are 6 powerful affirmations to help you avoid the annual holiday meltdown, feel less stressed, regain a sense of calm when you need it the most, and actually enjoy your holiday season.

Say it with me...

1) I give myself permission to relax and be in the moment.

2) I am loved, appreciated, and supported by my family.

3) I release the need for perfection. There is no need to do it all. I am surrounded by abundant resources.

4) It is safe to take space from the group. I am tuned into my energy, my needs, and I prioritize self-care.

5) I choose to be calm, centered, and demonstrate emotional intelligence.

6) I let go of the expectations of today and go with the flow.


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