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Best Spots in Houston for a Ladies Night Out

Every woman needs a night out to let loose. The monotony of daily life wears on you, and when you get to a place where you can’t bear any more last-minute surprises at work, school projects, family drama, or stand to hear anyone ask, “what’s for dinner”, you know it’s time.

All the responsibilities of adulthood are overwhelming and have a way of making us forget about ourselves, how life once was, and how being carefree really feels. I know I’m not alone when I say and feel guilty for sometimes missing those days.

When there are so many things that seem to need our time and attention, it’s common for us women and mothers to continuously put ourselves at the bottom of the list. We wait until we are about to snap to do something nice for ourselves, and that needs to change for good. You may think you are filling your cup with the regular manicure, facial or massage, but self care isn’t just about pampering and relaxation – it’s about having fun and being playful too!

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