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A Prayer for the Times

Street art, Austin, Texas

I never thought I would introduce and share my first blog posts during a time of pandemic crisis. “Pandemic crisis” sounds so extreme. This COVID-19 virus is a pandemic, and there are things happening that we have never experienced, but most of us are still OK! We are being fed fear daily, and we need all the hope and love we can find to combat against it.

Faith is what so many people lean on during times of uncertainty. Regardless of religion, your connection to your higher power is precious and sacred. The internal knowing that it provides is an unparalleled comfort. It has lifted me out of some of my darkest moments. Through faith we are able to hand over the heavy burden of our worries because we trust that our God will protect us. For many years I was disconnected from my faith. I still prayed, but I didn’t truly believe that my Divine would show up for me. I felt like everything in my world was under my control and a direct result of how hard I worked. Not so. I was forcing everything and afraid to truly surrender. I was unable to see situations objectively and when things didn’t go my way I blamed myself. I let myself slip into dark places and felt hopeless.

In my deepest despair I found no other choice but to surrender to my Divine Beloved, my Creator, my higher power, my God. I could no longer carry the weight of everything. I was looking for answers in all the wrong places, and couldn’t see the signs and loving guidance that God was trying to show me every day. It became obvious that I couldn’t make things happen. I could only put my best effort forward, and patiently and peacefully wait for the future to unfold. I was not responsible for the outcome of any given situation. For the first time in my life I found sweet relief in knowing that the divine plan is the best plan. The perfect solutions are already in motion. Waiting is the hard part.

Right now we are all in a state of quarantine. We have been advised to stock up on supplies, clean to the extreme, and keep our distance from groups of 10 or more. Schools at all levels have been closed, most public events cancelled, and many companies are ordering a work from home status. All of this is alarming and heavy.

So here is a prayer that I will say every day from this day forward until this quarantine is lifted.

I hope that you will join me in praying for the times. I hope that it brings you peace as well.

Let us pray...

Divine Beloved please hold our hands during this time of uncertainty. Help us to see beyond the inconveniences of this situation and see the opportunities that lay before us. Let us not resist the immediate changes that we have been asked to make, but instead show us how to flow with them. Lift the worry and anxiety from our hearts, and remind us that this too shall pass. Remind us of your presence daily and that your mercy is everlasting.

We pray for the sick, elderly and immunocompromised. We ask that you bring them healing, recovery, and protection. We pray for all people whose jobs and businesses have been compromised. Show us new ways of continuing to support our economy, while honoring the social distancing guidelines. We ask that our communities come together in safe ways to help those in need. Let us remember generosity; to take only what we need and share what we can with others. We pray for the people of the world and that we may all remain healthy. Help us to self soothe and find creative ways to continue living under these new circumstances.

We may feel grief, anger, and sadness. Help us recognize, honor, and release our emotions in healthy and productive ways. Help us to surrender to you and your love. Help us to remember that all things are guided by a vast universal reason that we cannot always see or understand. This misfortune is simply the prelude to a more beautiful and assured future.

Lord hear our prayer!

All my love,


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