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* 90 Day Transformational Coaching Program *

Are you ready to feel at ease, energized & empowered in your life?

Ready to take back control with the clarity, confidence and courage that you crave!?


You're invited into my 90-day

transformational program that will shift your mindset, help you gain clarity, increase energy and confidence, and give you the courage to be your most resilient self!

The Empowered Resilient Woman

You're HERE for a reason...

AND you've come to the right place my friend if...

✨You know you want more, you know you are meant for more, but just don't know where to start. 

✨You feel like you're doing everything right, but still something is missing.

✨This last year has been a time of reflection, and you're done living a life that isn't what you envisioned for yourself.

✨You know the life you desire is waiting for you, but you don't know how to make it happen.

You're hungry for more clarity, confidence, and courage!

You're ready for more ease, and energy.

🙌🏼You're ready to feel empowered!


Let me guess...


  • You put everyone else first and you're at the bottom of the list.  You rarely take time to give back to yourself and even when you do, it doesn't feel like enough, and you feel guilty.

  • At times you feel lost and aren't sure what you want, what's important or what even makes you happy anymore.  Nothing gives you the satisfaction you are hoping for...


  • There is never enough time in the day.  You feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated with the constant demands on your time and being stuck in the same old monotonous cycle of work and family.


  • Your inner critic is constantly telling you that you suck and should be able to get your shit together.  No matter what you do it's never good enough...    

How would you feel if...

  • I told you that the life you have been dreaming of - an easier, happier, more exciting, and soul satisfying life - EXISTS and is absolutely POSSIBLE for you.

  • There IS enough time to do all the things you need to do and WANT to do, and a better way to get there.

  • You don't have to sacrifice your wellbeing and in fact  you can feel better than you ever have!

  • Making the necessary shifts can be easier than ever, and will benefit you for the rest of your life.

  • So why haven't your previous efforts  actually worked?

  • You've been missing some KEY ingredients, and that's where the  The Empowered Resilient Woman 90 day program comes in...It will give you the COMPLETE recipe for a life with more EASE, ENERGY, CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, & COURAGE to be your more empowered, and resilient self!


I've been there.  Stressed, Confused, Frustrated.


I know how it feels, but I also know what's POSSIBLE.

You can't live your best life by hoping things will get better;

you have to take inspired action to MAKE them better.

Your most EMPOWERED & RESILIENT self starts here & now!!


The Empowered Resilient Woman 90-Day Program!

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"I'm very fortunate to have been part of the Group program!! Before joining my inner critic was negative and holding me back from achieving personal goals. Kimberly taught me so many strategies to help myself when feeling stressed and overwhelmed, thank you! I will definitely be using these tools throughout my life. Kimberly's program has shifted my mindset to be more positive. I'm on my way to achieving my weight loss goal and have implemented routines, to be more productive. Kimberly is an amazing coach, anyone that works with her will take away valuable strategies to enhance their life!

Thank you for everything... Kimberly!

- Melissa G.

When I first connected with Kimberly I was overwhelmed, had so much to do and felt like I had so little time. I was burned out from juggling motherhood, work, housework and family life. 

Kimberly's enthusiasm is contagious!  She is an incredible and supportive Coach, and helped me find creative solutions so I could achieve my goals. By working with Kimberly I have gained tools that will help me for life!

- Mariella D.

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I recently had the opportunity to work with Kimberly through her 90-day program.   As a lifelong achiever and serial perfectionist juggling multiple roles in my life - corporate leader overseeing an office of 25+ employees…wife…and mama of 2 littles to name a few - my stress/anxiety levels were high and personal self-care often nonexistent.  Kimberly's program reinforced the importance of personal mindset, boundaries, and how to live in alignment with my core values in order to experience more joy and happiness in my life.  She not only provided the tools for me to achieve more alignment and balance, but her positive energy and enthusiasm to support her community and everyone's individual goals was truly motivating.  The content we covered and the discussions we had through this program will be carried with me as I continue to navigate creating work-life harmony.

- Amber B.

Before I started meeting with Kimberly, I felt as if I was bit lost in my own life. This consistent feeling made me anxious and stressed on a daily basis.

Kimberly quickly showed me she was genuinely there for me. Kimberly was always so unbelievably positive, respectful and patient. Kimberly, was really great at taking the correct strides as we moved through our sessions, sometimes I needed baby steps and other days larger strides. It was all a really positive learning experience. I walked away learning more about myself and what/who truly makes me happy in life.

The best part about my coaching series with Kimberly, was the lifelong toolkit I gained from it. I have gained skills that will always be there for when I need it the most. I have learned how to be more calm, positive and present in my daily life, and I can’t express how grateful I am for Kimberly’s coaching and guidance!

- Mattie R.

  • You feel overwhelmed, and you want to significantly reduce the stress in your life.

  • You know you need to make some changes but aren't quite sure where to start.

  • You are bored with the same old monotonous cycle of work and family, and are craving more from life.

  • Want to quit worrying so damn much and feel happier!

  • You are within a life transition, or just went through one, and you want to confidently move  into this new phase of life.

  • You've reached a certain place in life and are wondering, "Now what?  What's next for me?"

  • BREAK FREE of stress and overwhelm for good!


  • Take back control, stop worrying, and feel happier!

  • Say good-bye to self doubt and live courageously!


  • Have MORE time for yourself!

  • Create a positive and RISILIENT mindset!

  • Have more energy and confidence!!

  • Feel renewed, attain a sense of purpose and gain clarity in for the future.

  • RISE UP as an Empowered Resilient Woman, and SHINE bright as your most VIBRANT & ALIVE self!!

This program is for you!
I invite you to join me in this

In this powerful and highly supportive Group Coaching Program, you'll receive life long tools and resources that will allow you to break free of stress and overwhelm for good!  I'll teach you what you need to know to get back in the driver seat of your life with

more clarity, confidence and courage than ever before.

I'll teach you how to create a life by your own design, a life with more ease.

Everything is laid out into simple, easy to follow steps and you will have me giving you direct guidance the whole way through!

  • 90 day results driven coaching program

  • 1 Private 45-minute kick-off call with Kimberly

  • Biweekly Training Videos

  • Biweekly calls with Kimberly and The Empowered Resilient Woman Members

  • Action Workbook with reflection exercises

  • Direct support from Kimberly in between sessions via voice App - Voxer

  • ACCESS to Private Facebook Group for community and connection.

  • 6 Modules of Content to RISE as your most Empowered and Resilient self!


The Empowered Resilient Woman Alchemy Guide

Self-Care Quiz & Checklist

BONUS Training #1 - Simplifying Life

BONUS Training #2 - Faith, Energy & Manifestation


✨First (6) people to sign up for the program receive a

BONUS 1:1 Session (60 Minutes)

*Must be used within the 90 day Program*



I had the extreme honor of working with Kimberly as my Life Coach over the course of 3 months. I was at an impasse in life with the craziness of parenting four teenage boys and the crushing heartbreak of being terminated after sixteen years with my employer. I felt like my life was spiraling out of control. Two things that I knew I needed to get back under control were the stress in my home life, and the extreme lack of self confidence.


The best part of working with Kimberly is her unwavering support. I would have a random thought between sessions and when I reached out to her by text or email and she was immediately responsive and uplifting. When I was stumped on how to move ahead, she gently prodded and got me to figure out my next steps.


Through working with Kimberly, I was able to get organization and structure established in my household, and let go of things that were no longer serving me, or getting in my way of progress. Simultaneously, I've been able to accept myself and my imperfections in a brand new way, love myself more, and feel more confident and empowered in my life.


- Kara J.

Real Talk

You can either continue down the path you've been traveling and your life will stay the same.

You'll continue to feel frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed, which no doubt will take an even bigger toll on your health, career and relationships. (Not a risk I'd recommend taking)

❌You'll remain disconnected from joy, feeling lost, unfulfilled and resentful towards the life you've built and now outgrown.

👉🏼Or you can choose to change your story.

✨If you want more for yourself and your life, you're going to need to choose something different, change direction, and the change the course of destiny.

Now is the time to make a new choice.

With a new vision, comes a new outcome.

Take my hand, and let's do this!  I've got you!

I was getting ready for some big changes in my life.  I was preparing to move overseas and was establishing a new working structure.  I knew I wanted more out of life and was struggling with self confidence and fear of the future.  I felt like I needed a support system, someone that could be objective yet understanding, who could hold me accountable and guide me with my goals and actions.


My coaching experience with Kimberly was deeply eye-opening. Through the work we did together I was able to see where my anxiety was stemming from and how it created self-doubt and fear.  Since working with Kimberly I definitely have a kinder, more gentle inner dialogue, and more self-confidence.  I also have more clarity about who I am and what I really want from life.

- Ovgu D.


I'm a Resiliency Coach and I help busy, ambitious, women, struggling with stress and overwhelm get a grip and stop worrying, so they can build mental stamina, gain clarity and confidence, increase energy and resilience, kick ass at work and at home, and start checking things off their bucket list!

I'm a mom and I spent 10 years in Corporate America feeling like life was an uphill battle.  On the outside I looked like I had it all together, but in reality, I was falling apart every day all over again.  Most days I was a moody, miserable mess - not the woman, wife or mom I wanted to be.  I couldn't seem to get it together, and every time I tried, I ended up right back where I started.


I battled with perfectionism, people pleasing, anxiety and depression and fell into the worst slump of my life.  I was burned out, laid off, and had zero motivation. 

I wanted to give up. 


Finally, I got out of my own way and

got back in the driver seat of my life.  

I let go of living up to other people's standards and created my own.  I decided to RISE up as

The Empowered Resilient Woman I knew I was

destined to be, and so can you!



Gain access to a powerful online community,

6 modules of life changing content, bi-weekly live coaching calls, one-on-one and community support, and lifelong tools and resources! 



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