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There comes a time in every woman's life when she must stop limiting herself, and step into her power.


We are not taught how to evolve.  In fact, we are only taught how to mimic the people around us and stay the same.  Most of us grew up following the examples of people close to us, or what society told us to do in exchange for success and happiness.  Yet, often even if we have accomplished a lot and checked the boxes of success we are left wondering,

"Is this all?  Am I making the most of my time here?"


It's easy to get sucked into the monotony of daily life; busting your ass, killing yourself to do more and more so you can look like the perfect wife/partner, mother, employee etc.  You jump on all the latest trends in hope that it will be the thing that makes you feel fulfilled.

At the end of the day you feel like there is nothing left for you. You feel empty and exhausted, and although you've chased perfection all day,

you feel like a fraud.


You know the things in your life that need your time, love, attention, and most importantly - recommitment. You have to step into the unwavering energy of The Empowered Resilient Woman.  Be the woman who owns her authenticity, embraces her divine feminine power, and confidently plays by her own rules so you can reach your highest potential, live a wildly soul satisfying life, and make a positive impact on the world around you.  

Our society has not prepared us for modern life or womanhood.

You know in your heart that there is more to life than what you have been taught or shown.  There is a secret part of you wanting more, wanting something different.


If you want something different, you have to choose to do something different. You need to let go of the old stories and change the way you show up every single day.  You have to focus on building and embodying an empowering and resilient mindset, energy, and strategy. 

You have to expand your ideas around what is possible for you.

Alchemizing your dream life into reality is easier than you think.
I believe in you.

The Empowered Resilient Woman is a 3 month small group coaching experience specifically designed for busy modern women, mothers, and entrepreneurs like you.  I created The Empowered Resilient Woman for the woman who is ready to embrace change and her unique evolution, so she can carve an easier path and take herself and her life to the next level.


Next level mindset, next level energy, next level confidence, next level action, next level goals, next level passion, next level happiness!


This is exactly how I pulled myself out of one of the biggest mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual slumps of my life, learned to own my power, and created a life and business that I love.


You need to surround yourself with women who fit your future,

not your history.  Come with me, and become

The Empowered Resilient Woman.


You know you have it inside of you to create an easier more fulfilling life for yourself...

You just need the expert guidance of a heartled, thoughtful, tenacious coach who has stood where you are and carved an easier path for you

to take, with the added support of other like-minded women surrounding you on your journey. 

This unique, well-rounded, and extensive coaching experience will give you strength to claim your power and embrace your highest self.


Becoming the leader and creator of your next level life requires you to let go of who you think you are, and who you are supposed to be, so you can become who you know in your heart you can be.  You have to start believing that your desire for more, your big dreams, and goals were placed in your heart for a reason and that everything you want for your life is on it's way to you. 


The Empowered Resilient Woman lives inside each one of us. 

She will transform your obstacles into opportunity, your fear into fuel, and your doubt into determination.


Sounds incredible doesn't it?

The best part is that you get to do it within an intimate circle of magical, highly intelligent, capable, supportive women.  You will experience a come-as-you-are community built on authenticity and sisterhood.  

It's time to choose courage over comfort.
Lean into your faith and trust that everything you desire is on it's way.  Perfect solutions are already in motion.

The time is now.

doing it



and choose the easier path.

Can you imagine...

Waking up to an easier, happier, more exciting, and soul satisfying life - knowing that everything you desire is possible for you and it's on it's way.

Having clarity about what you want for every area of your life, and a roadmap to make it happen.

Mastering your mindset, conquering self-doubt, and creating the most loving and supportive internal dialogue.

Knowing how to dissolve stress, overwhelm, and anxiety in an instant so fear and uncertainty never hold you back again.

Being care-free, energized, and present at home and at work, and always feeling like your cup is full.

Creating and living with next level self love, confidence, trust, optimism, abundance, time and freedom.

Looking at your life and being so damn proud of yourself for rewriting old stories, opening your mind and heart, and doing the work. 



This coaching experience is about learning and implementing.  It's about showing up for yourself in a new way.  On top of your biweekly trainings, you will also hear from personalized guest speakers, and have biweekly group coaching calls for accountability, connection, and support.


This is also about community.  It's about holding space for each other and our unique experiences.  It's about harnessing the collective energy and letting that drive the inspired actions we take in our own lives.   

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What's Inside?

6 Mindset, Energy & Strategy Trainings

We are students of life.  If we are too evolve, so too are the methods by which we manage our mindset, energy, and daily actions.  We must let go of things that no longer serve us and learn a new way of living.  Every other week, you will be granted access to a new training module with knowledge that is going to empower you beyond measure. 

1 Private 90-Minute VIP Intensive

Yep!  You read that right.  Not only do you get massive knowledge, support and accountability from trainings and group calls, you also get a 90-minute private VIP intensive call with yours truly so I can provide personalized coaching.  This will offer you unique insight and a deeper transformation within this coaching experience. 

Twice a Month Group Coaching Calls

Every other week, you, me and the rest of our inner circle of ambitious women will get on a call to review the week's training module, bring collective needs to the table, discuss challenges, and practical implementation strategies.  We will work through any blocks as a group of badass empowered resilient women!

6 Weeks of Voxer Support

You're bound to have lots of questions along the way and I am here for you 100%.  Day or night, send me a message and I'll hit you back with some insightful guidance to help you get past a block or over a hurdle.  It's like having me in your pocket for real time coaching on-the-go. Six weeks of more support than you've probably ever had.  BONUS: Full unlimited Voxer support for the duration of the program (12 weeks) when you enroll before 1/11/22. 

So, what's inside?

Training Details

What's Inside (2).png


Living with intention in the realm of possibility and letting your vision guide you to inspired action.

What's Inside (2).png


Using critical awareness and authenticity, to embrace change and develop an unshakeable mindset. 

What's Inside (2).png


Tapping into and using your divine femininity to build empowered resilience and become a magnet for abundance.

What's Inside (2).png


Healing your body, mind, and spirit with natural medicine and movement. Dissolving stress and befriending anxiety.

What's Inside (2).png


Putting plan into action, powering through procrastination, and accelerating personal productivity.  

What's Inside (2).png


Mindset and energy practices that create self trust, personal empowerment, and next level growth for life.

This is for      if...


  • You're done feeling overwhelmed, and you want to significantly reduce the stress in your life.

  • You know you need to make some changes but aren't quite sure where to start.

  • You are bored with the same old monotonous cycle of work and family, and are craving more from life.

  • Want to quit worrying so damn much and feel happier!

  • You feel as if you've lost your spark, and aren't sure who you are anymore beyond your career and/or family.

  • You've reached a certain place in life and are wondering, "Now what?  What's next for me?"


You want to stop wasting your precious time and energy trying to figure it all out yourself.  You're ready for big change, now.


You know you need more than books, podcasts, and instagram posts to create the change and RESULTS you are looking for in your life or business.

You've made up your mind and you're done with playing small, doubting yourself, and letting fear hold you back.  


You're ambitious, high-achieving and and no longer have the time to wait until. "next time". You're done making excuses and pushing off the investment you know will take you to the next level in life. ​

I'm ready to become

The Empowered Resilient Woman

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Pay in Full Payment Option


  • Pay in full now with your credit/debit card, OR

  • Pay in full now via PayPal Credit - Click "Pay Later" and get 6 months interest free! $186 per month!

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Monthly Payment Plan

3 Payments of $444


3 Easy payments are securely auto-drafted from your account/card via PayPal once per month for 3 months.

*By selecting Pay or Buy Now, I accept the The Empowered Resilient Woman Program Terms of Service, and have read and acknowledge the Privacy Statement. I allow PayPal (or my designated transaction institution), and Encompass Coaching Services (Kimberly Smith-Rao) to charge my card.*

The       on the street




Before I started meeting with Kimberly, I felt as if I was bit lost in my own life. This consistent feeling made me anxious and stressed on a daily basis.

Kimberly quickly showed me she was genuinely there for me. Kimberly was always so unbelievably positive, respectful and patient. Kimberly, was really great at taking the correct strides as we moved through our sessions, sometimes I needed baby steps and other days larger strides. It was all a really positive learning experience. I walked away learning more about myself and what/who truly makes me happy in life.

The best part about my coaching series with Kimberly, was the lifelong toolkit I gained from it. I have gained skills that will always be there for when I need it the most. I have learned how to be more calm, positive and present in my daily life, and I can’t express how grateful I am for Kimberly’s coaching and guidance!

- Mattie R.


"I'm very fortunate to have been part of the Group program!! Before joining my inner critic was negative and holding me back from achieving personal goals. Kimberly taught me so many strategies to help myself when feeling stressed and overwhelmed, thank you! I will definitely be using these tools throughout my life. Kimberly's program has shifted my mindset to be more positive. I'm on my way to achieving my weight loss goal and am feeling more productive in all areas of my life. Kimberly is an amazing coach, anyone that works with her will take away valuable strategies to enhance their life!

Thank you for everything... Kimberly!

- Melissa G.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Kimberly through her 90-day program.   As a lifelong achiever and serial perfectionist juggling multiple roles in my life - corporate leader overseeing an office of 25+ employees…wife…and mama of 2 littles to name a few - my stress/anxiety levels were high and personal self-care often nonexistent.  Kimberly's program reinforced the importance of personal mindset, boundaries, and how to live in alignment with my core values in order to experience more joy and happiness in my life.  She not only provided the tools for me to achieve more alignment and balance, but her positive energy and enthusiasm to support her community and everyone's individual goals was truly motivating.  The content we covered and the discussions we had through this program will be carried with me as I continue to navigate creating work-life harmony.

- Amber B.

Mariella 4- resizee.jpg

When I first connected with Kimberly I was overwhelmed, had so much to do and felt like I had so little time. I was burned out from juggling motherhood, work, housework and family life. 

Kimberly's enthusiasm is contagious!  She is an incredible and supportive Coach, and helped me find creative solutions so I could achieve my goals. By working with Kimberly I have gained tools that will help me for life!

- Mariella D.


I had the extreme honor of working with Kimberly. I was at an impasse in life with the craziness of parenting four teenage boys and the crushing heartbreak of being terminated after sixteen years with my employer. I felt like my life was spiraling out of control. Two things that I knew I needed to get back under control were the stress in my home life, and the extreme lack of self confidence.


The best part of working with Kimberly is her unwavering support.  Through working with Kimberly, I was able to get the organization and structure I needed established in my household, and let go of things that were no longer serving me, or getting in my way of progress. Simultaneously, I've been able to accept myself and in a brand new way, love myself more, and feel more confident and empowered in my life.


- Kara J.


I'm a Mindset & Resilience Coach and I help busy, ambitious, women, stop stressing and focus, so they can flourish! 

Live a life of ease, kick ass at work and at home, and start checking things off your bucket list!

I'm a mom and I spent over 10 years in Corporate America feeling like life was an uphill battle.  On the outside I looked like I had it all together, but in reality, I was falling apart every day all over again.  Most days I was a moody, miserable mess - not the woman, wife or mom I wanted to be.  I couldn't seem to get it together, and every time I tried, I ended up right back where I started.


I battled with perfectionism, people pleasing, anxiety and depression and fell into the worst slump of my life.  I was burned out, laid off, and had zero motivation. 

I wanted to give up. 


Finally, I got out of my own way and

got back in the driver seat of my life. 

I let go of living up to other people's standards and created my own.  I decided to RISE up as

The Empowered Resilient Woman I knew I was

destined to be, and so can you!

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Hi there!  I see you've made it to the bottom of the page, which means it's clear you want more for yourself, and your life.  This is something you want, and deep down you know inside that this will take you to the next level.  

Make it official.  Choose your option above and let's do this!


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