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Welcome New Friends!
Let me guess...

You are overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed.  You're always imagining the worst outcome.

Your anxiety has gotten worse resulting in racing thoughts, sleep problems, shortness of breath, digestion issues, headaches and/or other physical symptoms.

You often feel angry and frustrated and don't even know why... you resent the demands and monotony of daily life and wish you had more time for yourself.

You take on more than you should because you don't trust others to do it "right" and feel there is no point in doing something unless it can be perfect.

You're constantly battling your nasty inner critic who tells you that nothing you do is good enough and never will be.

You try and please others the best you can, but feel unappreciated by everyone at work and at home.  

You feel disconnected from yourself and others, misaligned, and off balance. Nothing gives you the satisfaction you are hoping for.

You feel complacent, unmotivated, and lack interest in doing anything. 


You find yourself constantly comparing your life to those around you and feel like a fraud. 


You are physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted.  

10242019_Kimberly Smith_BTP_024_websize.

I was getting ready for some big changes in my life.  I was preparing to move overseas and was establishing a new working structure.  I knew I wanted more out of life and was struggling with self confidence and fear of the future.  I felt like I needed a support system, someone that could be objective yet understanding, who could hold me accountable and guide me with my goals and actions.


My coaching experience with Kimberly was deeply eye-opening. Through the work we did together I was able to see where my anxiety was stemming from and how it created self-doubt and fear.  Since working with Kimberly I definitely have a kinder, more gentle inner dialogue, and more self-confidence.  I also have more clarity about who I am and what I really want from life.

- Ovgu Dogangun

You are ready to...

Stop fearing your anxiety and start understanding it!

Start managing your anxiety naturally and holistically, and maybe even ditch those meds!

Establish a healthier lifestyle and have more energy for the things you love to do!


Reconnect with yourself and snap out of your people pleasing and perfectionist ways!


Stop procrastinating, get organized, and start taking action towards the things you value in life!

Increase your self confidence and start trusting yourself!

Kick ass at work and have more creativity!

Build deeper more meaningful relationships!

10242019_Kimberly Smith_BTP_045_websize.
I am ready to free myself
from my anxiety!

I was struggling with career goals and finding time for myself.  I felt anxious about getting back into a Nurse Practitioner role after taking an extended maternity leave and hiatus to care for other family members.  I didn’t know where to begin.


As soon as I started working with Kimberly I was more at ease.  She made me feel heard and I knew I wasn’t alone.  Kimberly helped me with time management and changing my perspective.  I became more relaxed, more focused on the process and transition, and less focused on the outcome.  I started to enjoy the process of self-discovery and became more open to other life directions and career options. I ended up finding a great job that meets my needs and allows me work life balance!

- America Suh

Mindset Reset

Single Session


3 Month Coaching Series

  • (6) Biweekly one-on-one coaching sessions.

  • Email support in between sessions. 

  • Get clear on the areas of your life that need your attention NOW.  

  • Set and achieve 2-3 POWERFUL goals to increase confidence and energy, kick ass at home & work, and start enjoying life again!



6 Month Coaching Series

  • (12) Biweekly one-on-one coaching sessions.

  • Unlimited Voxer and email support. 

  • Get clear on the areas of your life that need your attention NOW.  

  • Set, achieve, & MAINTAIN  3-5 POWERFUL goals to increase confidence and energy, kick ass at home & work, and start enjoying life again!



Yes! I'm ready!  

*Everyone deserves the benefits of coaching!*

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The Gift of Calm


This is my gift to you!  Get my eBook, 'The Gift of Calm' for FREE! These gifts have allowed me to quiet the noise and find some peace and calm in the overwhelming world we live in, and be the best version of myself everyday!

I want you to have these gifts too!

Much Love ~ Kimberly

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